Art Direction

ARC Rebranding



As the senior designer at ARC, I was tasked with updating the company's branding and creating a more efficient file system for communication and collaboration within the team. To accomplish this, I focused on updating the typography, color theme, and creating a file system based on atomic design principles. My goal was to improve collective value creation through collaboration while streamlining the team's communication process.

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My efforts as the senior designer at ARC produced significant results. The updated branding helped to enhance the company's visual identity and align it with its values and goals. The new file system based on atomic design principles significantly improved communication and collaboration among team members, leading to increased productivity and improved workflow. Additionally, the use of reusable components and variants reduced file sizes and made it easier for team members to access and share files. Overall, my work helped to enhance ARC's efficiency, promote collaboration, and foster a culture of innovation, resulting in improved collective value creation.

Instead of 8 master files, we made 2 files as universal truth for web and for mobile designs.
Figma files were made almost 50% lighter than the originals.
Versioning specially in master files and design system files were increased by 8 times.
Made the color contrast better by almost 40%. Older contrast ratio was 13.9:1 and the new one was 19.4:1

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